A prudent path forward for genomic engineering and germline gene modification

Dog-whistle sinophobia exists, but I think it’s attenuating, in consequence of more of China getting online and visible. Chinese science really isn’t the amoral wildcard which some people enjoy fantasizing about, and the internet is forcing this into the light.

The internet reduces some fears, while increasing others, largely trending towards accurate views. The discussion of a worldwide CRISPR framework before it has become doable is encouraging.

CONCLUSIONS. At the dawn of the recom- binant DNA era, the most important lesson learned was that public trust in science ul- timately begins with and requires ongoing transparency and open discussion. That les- son is amplified today with the emergence of CRISPR-Cas9 technology and the im- minent prospects for genome engineering. Initiating these fascinating and challenging discussions now will optimize the decisions society will make at the advent of a new era in biology and genetics. ■

Understanding the Flynn Effect

A charming and fairly inclusive monograph by Bob Williams, notable for aiming to make a distinction between the Flynn effect and the putative Jensen effect.

First time I see anything by Williams, but it speaks to the nature of the publishing system that this summary could as easily have been printed in a number of primary review journals, yet it was not.